Mid-Air! - Catch Me If You Can / Granny If You Can

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Mid-Air! - Catch Me If You Can / Granny If You Can

*Extremely Limited Edition Double Tape*

Includes original Catch Me If You Can album (C-23) as well as bonus tape Granny If You Can (C-24). Bonus tape uses the primitive granular techniques of the Bastl Instruments MICROGRANNY 2.0 to hopelessly reduce the original multitrack stems into a jazz-salad of bone dust.

Price is set at $1 per minute.


Catch Me If You Can (tape 1)

A1. Ike's Here
A2. Two
A3. Olive
A4. Birthplace
A5. Schedule Blur
B1. Gown
B2. Gross Yield
B3. Kurse
B4. No Contest
B5. Oft Medium

Granny If You Can (tape 2)

A1. Ol' Granny Two
A2. Gram's Birthplace
A3. Kurt's Granny
A4. Jungle Yield
A5. Ol' Granny Crown
A6. Phil Done Time Traveled
A7. Gated Blur
B1. Ike's Bits
B2. Grey Olive
B3. Medium Granny
B4. Phil's Return
B5. Medium Groove
B6. Bassplace

total run time: 47 minutes

white shell / black shell / secondhand clear norelco double case

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