Mid-Air! - Feelings (CD)

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Mid-Air! - Feelings (CD)

The hour-long ode to 4 track recording techniques. Live drum takes stacked with super dusty tape sample overdubs. Lo-fi / Romantic / Raw.

*taken from cassette J-Card*

"A collection of short instrumentals by Los Angeles-based producer, Mid-Air! This hour long player focuses on the art and technique of 4-track cassette recording, sampling, and altering of intended vibe. First, he plays the studio's house drum kit and records straight to a Ross 4x4 cassette machine. He then samples over a hundred old and dusty cassette tapes into various digital samplers. Focusing on not just the musical content of the samples themselves, but also the artifacts introduced by aged tape and playback devices, Mid-Air proceeds to lace his own drum grooves with the near forgotten melodies of yesteryear. See inside flap for more information on the recording, sampling, and production process.”

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total run time: 61 minutes

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