Mid-Air! - Spare Parts

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Mid-Air! - Spare Parts

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Spare Parts

Concept album based loosely on the idea of sampling partially working, partly modified, or hardly working gear. Spooky, circuit bent yet playful beats an melodies fill this C32. White shells in shrink wrapped o-card.


Side A:
the bend in the 110
nighttime at the warehouse
bob and weave
the earth will outshine the sun
that jordon
tape return
a thousand toy keyboards
all presets
winter of loops
broke my handle bars
kick rox
dem snaps tho
four eyes

Side B:
trying to get something to stick
spare parts (build)
phase three
slow repeats (2017 hotel lobby)
spare parts (gate)
spare parts (monster bazzar)
ender type
reprise type

total run time: 32 minutes

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