• Image of Suburban Lawns (Slowed Down Re-Issue)
  • Image of Suburban Lawns (Slowed Down Re-Issue)

Suburban Lawns self-titled (1981) album goes from Pop/Rock to GOTH in this syrupy slow down by Mid-Air! / P.E.S.S.
Every track is pitched down and warbled out, making this 'slopped and slewed' 2019 re-issue a real treat. Comes shrink wrapped, black/clear Norelco case, white shells w/ type1 cobalt inside. This is loud and clear, high quality GOTH with a pleasant twist of fun.


1. Flying Saucer Safari
2. Pioneers
3. Not Allowed
4. Gossip
5. Intellectual Rock
6. Protection
7. Anything
8. Gossip (P.E.S.S. blur)
9. Janitor
10. Computer Date
11. Mom And Dad And God
12. Unable
13. When In The World
14. Green Eyes
15. Jam The Controls
16. Jam The Controls (P.E.S.S. blur)

total run time: 42 minutes

1981 I.R.S. Records
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