Mid-Air! & Elliott Sellers - GLASSWERX

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Mid-Air! & Elliott Sellers - GLASSWERX

Mid-Air! and Elliott Sellers accumulated over 100 different pieces of glass over the course of the year - things such as glass table tops, wine glasses, fish bowls, glass beads and marbles, glass lanterns, glass cylinders, stained glass, tempered glass, glass shards, microwave platters, glass plates, glass water jugs, 40oz beer bottles, martini glasses, window slats, shot glasses, pickle jars, etc…

The duo explored each individual piece, and the sums of certain glass groups.

GLASSWERX is a timeless presentation of Musique Concrète — from the lush pads, to thudding kicks, to atonal melodic sequences and pure noise assaults — it’s completely born from GLASS.

Artist: Mid-Air! & Elliott Sellers
Label: N/A
Length: C60
Copies: 100
Recording Location: Highland Park, Los Angeles
Genre: Experimental / Healing & Meditation / Hip-hop

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