Larry’s Library

Larry’s Library

Is that a sample library on cassette tape? Why, yes it is! But it’s more than just that — It's a finely curated blend of familiar drum breaks, as well as uncovered gems straight from Lo-Tek Larry’s personal vault. Side A features over 130 breaks and fills, while Side B boasts a whopping 550 kick/snare/hat one shots. All sounds came from years of digging, right off Larry’s hardware samplers, and straight to this tape.

But why a drum sample tape? Are these his beats? Simply put, this is a production tool for beat makers — and no, these don’t belong to Larry, they are YOURS! Fire up your favorite cassette player, hook it up to your SP, MPC, or computer, and get to cutting! Speed up or slow down the tape on the way in… Use EQ/Compression/Noise Reduction on your fancy 4-track machine… and as a producer, Larry highly encourages sampling from tape, as that’s one of the main contributing factors of his classic boombap sound — so get into this!

clear norelco, old computer/akai grey OR black OR blue shells
**ships with die cut 100% Bootleg Fox Dude sticker**

total run time: 23 minutes

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