Mid-Air! - Attack Special

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Mid-Air! - Attack Special

Attack Special - Mid-Air! / Laptop User (split)

A1. Attack Special
A2. Junktropolis
A3. Drew’s Pop Up
A4. Lullaby
A5. Exp T1
A6. Neuld
A7. I’m Faded
B1. More Cowbell
B2. You’re Special
B3. Exp R1
B4. Lulling
B5. Drew’s Afterparty
B6. Faderfr
B7. CCD ReSeq
B8. CPU Pop Up
B9. Neuld Shield

clear norelco, purple, baby blue, off white sonic shells
**ships with 2 die cut 100% Bootleg Fox Dude stickers

total run time: 42 minutes

*if you’re interested in buying this cassette along with the lossless tracked out digital download, head to my bandcamp https://mid-air.bandcamp.com/music

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