Mid-Air! - GS1000

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Mid-Air! - GS1000

Beneath the level of the note lies the realm of microsound, of sound particles. Microsonic particles remained invisible for centuries. Recent technological advances let us probe and explore the beauties of this formerly unseen world. Microsonic techniques dissolve the rigid bricks of music architecture — the notes — into a more fluid and supple medium. Sounds may coalesce, evaporate, or mutate into other sounds.

The sensations of point, pulse (regular series of points), line (tone), and surface (texture) appear as the density of particles increases. Sparse emissions leave rhythmic traces. When the particles line up in rapid succession, they induce the illusion of tone continuity that we call pitch. As the particles meander, they flow into streams and rivulets. Dense agglomerations of particles form swirling sound clouds whose shapes evolve over time.

A01 Selective Granulation 2:08
A02 Magical Impulse 1:23
A03 My Trip to Fantasy 2:30
A04 Phase Vocoder Plus 2:15
A05 Serenade from MACS0647-JD 3:23
A06 When The Darkness 3:14
A07 Astable Transient Extractor 0:55
A08 I Hear Voices 4:36
A09 Ninth Vortex 0:24
A10 Tenth Vortex 1:01
A11 Eleventh Vortex 1:05
A12 Radioactive Clouds 0:56
A13 Tribute to Pooville 0:57
A14 Forteenth Vortex 0:37
A15 10.5v Freeze 1:21
A16 Programmed Grain Durations 1:37
A17 Bubbly Bass Guitar 0:52
A18 Eighteenth Vortex 1:25
A19 Nineteenth Vortex 0:46
B01 Supra Time Scale 24:17
B02 The Volume of Jupiter 7:08

total run time: 60 minutes

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