Mid-Air! - 12k

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Mid-Air! - 12k

Mid-Air! - Twelve K

**8-bit / 12kHz Mono Certified Authentic**

Major sequel to 2021's 16k - a hissy fit of lofi boombap beats with attitude. Categorized under: Rainy Days, Extra Bass, Slow, lots of fun.


Day Trippin' at Granny's
Will You Be There?
Flamingo Legs
Whatchu Wanna Do?
U Feel me?
Rubber Legs
Ate Bit, Still Hungry
Huggin' Yer Speaker
In The Rough
In The Weeds
Twelve K
Gimme Yer Best Drum Solo
Knock Knock
End Times

printed matte card stock o-card / royal blue windowless shell

total run time: 23 minutes

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