Mid-Air! - Piano Tape Beats

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Mid-Air! - Piano Tape Beats

Mid-Air! - Piano Tape Beats

Utilizing the Ross 4x4 Multitrack Cassette Recorder (pictured), Uncle Shmiddy gets it in on live drum kit, live grand piano, and sampler.

track list:

A1. Old Boat
A2. Thesaurus
A3. Journal Entry
A4. Broken Boat
A5. Hip Edit
A6. Gut Ter
A7. Piano Beat
A8. Sneer
A9. Endiano
B1. Open Count
B2. Sicks
B3. Infinite Maxell
B4. Ow
B5. Track Record
B6. Melodie
B7. Slow Thing
B8. Grandiano

total run time: 30 minutes

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